E-Rocker & DJ Richie Rich – Can You Rock it Like This? (Run-DMC cover)

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E-Rocker & DJ Richie Rich - Can You Rock it Like This? (Run-DMC cover) $0.99
Time: 3:36 Year: 2013
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320 kbps mp3

About PappaWheelie

Joe González aka PappaWheelie began as a Miami Bass producer in 1989 and is currently working on the book: "Miami Bass History: How the Mafia, Cocaine, and Ecstasy Failed a Musical Genre". In 1992, he and partner Brett "B-Naste" Hammock wrote and recorded the first version of "Who Let the Dogs Out?" with Attitude Records engineer Mamado, gaining exposure in Miami thanks to the radio station Power 96. He went on hiatus as a producer In 1993. In December of 2000, PappaWheelie founded the Miami Bass History discussion group and archival project, which became central to the Miami Bass scene in August of 2001. This was followed by his creation of a second group, the now defunct ElectroDiscoPunks in 2002. PappaWheelie then moved to NYC in 2003, where he became a resident DJ in Williamsburg, Brooklyn with the AllDisco crew, as well as becoming a researcher and base story write for VH1. Within his time at VH1, PappaWheelie became the episode developer for the music history show "Driven", spearheading dozens of episodes, including shows on Green Day and OutKast. In 2012, PappaWheelie formed a team to convert the MBH archival project into the multimedia group it is today. Along with Jerry Pullés of MiamiBass.fm and Tim Duffy, PappaWheelie founded the Miami Bass Radio Network, which he remains an active member of.


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