The Amen Break

The Amen Break The Winstons – Amen Brother 7″ 45 rpm

The Amen Break is a brief drum solo performed in 1969 by Gregory Cylvester “G. C.” Coleman on the song “Amen, Brother” recorded by the 1960s Soul group known as The Winstons. The break has become glorified as being the most sampled record to-date, and being the sole cornerstone of the Drum & Bass genre of electronic dance music. However, many high profile histories of the break tend to downplay its roots and legacy as a Hip-Hop DJ break before it was absorbed into the UK Rave lexicon.

Lilies of the Field (1963)

The original song was simply titled “Amen”, and written by Jester Hairston. The song was written for the film Lilies of the Field, a 1963 film adapted. The film starred Sidney Poitier, Lilia Skala, Stanley Adams, and Dan Frazer, was adapted by James Poe from the 1962 novel with the same name by William Edmund Barrett.

The Impressions (1964)

The Impressions were a 1960s Soul vocal harmony group who became synonymous with the Civil Rights Movement for African-Americans in the U.S. during the 1960s. Shortly after, member Curtis Mayfield became the breakout star of the group, going solo in 1970. Mayfield immediately scored success with his label, Curtom Records, and his debut album Curtis. In 1972, he became synonomous with Blaxploitation films when he recorded the soundtrack to the movie Super Fly. However, as part of the Impressions, their string of 1960s hits became canonized on oldies radio, including “Gypsy Woman” (1961), “It’s All Right” (1963), “Keep On Pushing” (1964), and “People Get Ready” (1965). “Amen” was among that string of hits when released in 1964, however, has failed to enter the rotation of many Oldies stations, causing this version to be forgotten by cursory fans of the group, and fans of the break.

The Winstons (1969)

Richard Lewis Spencer is an African American musician and teacher. He played tenor saxophone in multiple outfits, including Otis Redding’s band, Curtis Mayfield and The Impressions, and The Winstons. Spencer is a North Carolina native who, at the ages of 11 and 12, studied classical piano at the famed Beckwith Piano School in Charlotte, North Carolina. At age 13, he became the organist and pianist for the late Bishop J.H. Sherman of The Church Of God In Christ. In 1962, Spencer moved to Washington, D.C., where he worked with various bar bands including recording with Leroy Taylor and The 4k’s as one of the first acts to sign with Shrine Records. In 1969, Richard was lead singer for The Winstons, a Washington, D.C. based Soul group that included drummer Gregory Cylvester “G. C.” Coleman.

“Color Him Father” is an unabashedly sentimental song in which a boy expresses his love for his stepfather, a hardworking and generous man who married his widowed mother, who had seven children, and embraced them as his own after her first husband was “killed in the war.” (“She said she thought that she could never love again/And then there he stood with that big, wide grin.”). The song’s lyrics resonated strongly with the public in 1969, the height of the Vietnam War. The Winstons’ recording reached No. 4 on the Billboard Hot 100 and No. 1 on the Billboard R&B chart. He was awarded a Grammy Award for R&B Songwriter Of The Year 1969 for “Color Him Father”. The song was also recorded by Linda Martell who took it to No. 14 on the Billboard Country chart.

The single included a b-side instrumental of “Amen” (re-titled “Amen, Brother”), which, in contrast to the hit a-side single, was an uptempo party rendition of the standard.

The Breaks (1970s)

The Breaks is the informal name given to a vast collection of records used by DJs in the Bronx during the 1970s as foundation of b-boying and the pre-recorded period of Hip-Hop. The idea was to have two copies of each record simultaneously playing on two turntables, with only one audible at any given time. It became the DJs job to locate the portion of the record that isolated drums (usually the intro or the bridge), and mix back and forth between the two isolating and extending that portion.

Many of the records were holdovers from 1960s DJs while others were unique additions by DJs such as Kool Herc, Grandmaster Flash, Charlie Chase, and Afrika Bambaataa. Usually, DJs went to great lengths to conceal the identity of new additions, but record brokers such as Breakbeat Lenny made it a point to introduce them into the b-boy DJ market, expounding the competitive nature of Hip-Hop.

The breaks that were excavated between 1973 and 1976 were often high energy for b-boy dancers, such as The Incredible Bongo Band’s “Apache“. However, as MCs became the focus of parties in 1978, the breaks used more often were slower in tempo, such as The Honeydrippers “Impeach the President”. Not only was the speed of a record important, but the format was, also. DJs tended to prefer 12″ records as compared to 7″ records, as manipulating 12″s were much easier. These two aspects made a short list of breaks very unique, including Cerrone’s live version of “Rocket in the Pocket”, as well as The Winstons’ version of “Amen, Brother”. The popularity of both breaks involved playing them at the wrong speed. In the case of “Rocket in the Pocket”, the song was released on 12″ long player, and was to be played at 33 rpm. However, the DJs found speeding the record up to 45 rpm was the desired way to play. In the case of “Amen, Brother”, the song was released on 45 rpm 7″. Breaks DJs would in turn, affix the 7″ atop a 12″ record to make it easier to manipulate, and play the break at 33 rpm.

Octopus Breaks/Ultimate Breaks & Beats (1986)

Octopus Breaks was a bootleg series of Breaks put together primarily by ‘Breakbeat’ Lenny Roberts with aid from his partner ‘Breakbeat’ Lou Flores and the guru of a Times Square area record store known as “Music Factory”, ‘Fat’ Stanley Platzer.

In September of 1979, the Sugar Hill Gang found a hit record with “Rapper’s Delight”, creating a widespread market for Rap records. The song was built predominantly on a live house band replaying the break of Chic’s “Good Times” (although, upon close inspection, “Rapper’s Delight” seems to include a slight tape-loop of “Good Times”, also). In May of 1982, Afrika Bambaataa spearheaded the production of the revolutionary song “Planet Rock”. It became clear to record brokers such as Lenny and Lou that the result of both records was a paradigm shift in Hip-Hop production away from DJs being central, and breaks being necessary. In turn, they began a series of bootleg singles between 1981 and 1985 marked by a small cartoon of an octopus. By 1986, the series expanded into full-fledged albums. This aligned with the Hip-Hop community embracing early samplers, causing the series of albums to find unprecedented success. In turn, the team setup a proper record label to pay royalties on sales, Street Beat Records, and re-marketed the Octopus Breaks series as “Ultimate Breaks and Beats”. The series is incalculable in terms of popularity, resulting in a total of 25 compilations, all leading to the sample-heavy “Golden Age of Hip-Hop”, which includes the rise of Miami Bass.

Volume 1 of UBB released in 1986 included “Amen, Brother”, however, the song was heavily edited to meet the history of Hip-Hop DJs needs. The song was played at normal speed until the break, where Breakbeat Lou Flores suddenly edited the speed of the break to 33rpm. After the break passed, the song was then sped back to normal speed.

Salt ‘N Pepa (1986)

The first to sample the break itself was Hip-Hop producer Herbie Luv Bug within Salt ‘N Pepa’s “I Desire” in 1986 (although Stetsasonic also used a snippet of the song in “Bust that Groove” in 1986, none of the drum break itself was used).

2 Live Crew (1987)

2 Live Crew was an act made up of four individuals who all originated from different regions, but the three founding members came together in 1984 in California. They relocated to Miami in 1986 when they completed the lineup. By that time, the groups producer and DJ, Mr. Mixx, had begun amalgamating classics of several regions, including those classic breaks of NYC.

Come 1987, Mr. Mixx was deeply engaged producing their sophomore album “Move Somethin’” when the electronic music equipment company E-mu released their SP1200 percussion sampler. Mixx produced three additional songs utilizing this machine: “Word II”, “Megamix II”, and “Feel Alright Ya’ll”. The latter sampled the Amen Break, presumably from the Ultimate Breaks and Beats compilation (judging by the tempo of the loop, and the release date of the track). Not only was the break looped in the verses, but the chorus chopped the drums into new bits, and reprogrammed them into a new pattern, foreshadowing the methods of UK Rave producers in the early 1990s.

Hip-Hop & Pop (1986)

Due to Amen’s inclusion on 1986′s Ultimate Breaks and Beats, the song became a mainstay sample for Hip-Hop of all regions, followed by pop producers attempting to cash in on the trend of sampling The Breaks. Below is a rolling list of Hip-Hop, Miami Bass, and pop songs which have sampled Amen.

  1. Bust that Groove by Stetsasonic (1986)
  2. I Desire by Salt ‘N Pepa (1986)
  3. Feel All Right, Ya’ll by 2 Live Crew
  4. Critical Beatdown by Ultramagnetic MC’s (1988)
  5. Give It Up by DJ Ace and Daquan (1988)
  6. The Next Generation by Neneh Cherry (1988)
  7. King of the Beats by Mantronix (1988)
  8. Roll It Up (Fat Mix) by Success-N-Effect (1989)
  9. Roll It Up (Bass Kickin Beats) by Success-N-Effect (1989)
  10. Wordz of Wizdom by 3rd Bass (1989)
  11. Ok, Alright (Club Mix) by The Minutemen (1989)
  12. Let It Flow by Heavy D & the Boyz (1989)
  13. Lights Out by III Most Wanted (1989)
  14. Dope Not Hype by Nice & Smooth (1989)
  15. I’m Not Satisfied (New York Rap Mix) by Fine Young Cannibals ft. Nicci Bowie (1990)
  16. This Can’t Be Love (Soft Landing on the Moon Version) by Pizzicato Five (1990)
  17. High on Life (Live From Manchester) by Chad Jackson (1990)
  18. Party Children by Mark Summers (1990)
  19. Escapade (Hippiapolis Mix) by Janet Jackson (1990)
  20. Paix by Suprême NTM (1991)
  21. Portrait of the Artist as a Hood by 3rd Bass (1991)
  22. Show No Mercy by Donald D (1991)
  23. Taken to Heart by K.C.F. Productions and Skeleton (1991)
  24. Lesson 4 by DJ Shadow (1991)
  25. Beat for Paris by DJ Shadow (year unknown)
  26. Slip Inside This House by Primal Scream (1991)
  27. Red Eye by Big K.R.I.T. (2012)

Roll It Up: Bass Kickin Beats (1989)

In 1989, Miami Bass record label Joey Boy Records subsidiary On Top Records signed Atlanta based group Success-N-Effect (Professor Lazy Rock and DJ Len), and successfully marketed them as a Rap act who toured with established Miami Bass acts and major Hip-Hop groups, while at the same time, tapping into the budding Car Audio Bass market. The group is mostly memorable for their anti-drug anthem “Roll it Up (My Nigga)” (alternately known by its clean version, “Roll it Up My Homeboy”, which spawned a proper video).

The songs undying popularity also led to a 1989 12″ by Bladerunner and Power 96 DJ named Felix Sama that included his “Fat Mix” and his “Bass Kickin Beats”. Although billed mostly as an edit, a trade the Bladerunners were popular for, it truly was highly altered remix based on the Amen Break. Reportedly, the song entered the sets of New York based Techno DJ Frankie Bones, who was being booked in the budding UK Rave scene while hosting his own Storm Raves in Brooklyn. The presumed result among many historians is its leading to UK producers embracing the Amen Break for their productions in the early 1990s.

Drum & Bass and Electronic Music

The UK Rave scene arose when discovering the drug ecstasy and Chicago Acid House music in 1987. Quickly, UK producers took the reigns and began producing what they were also calling Acid House, although, it deviated greatly from Chicago’s template. The UK Acid House scene came to embrac sampling The Breaks, and by 1990, it begun to spin off a style known as Breakbeat Hardcore, where the Amen Break was becoming the foundation of choice.

The Breakbeat Hardcore scene fully galvanized by 1992, and became dubbed Jungle until finally settling on a smoother style and more socially acceptable term “Drum & Bass”. At this point, the Amen Break is said to have spawned an entire genre, based around polyrhythmic experimentation of how to chop and reprogram the drums of the break. The UK music press begins to champion the genre, but within a couple of years, the high reviews spilled over to the international press. By the mid 1990s, Drum & Bass was seen as the direction to the future, being one of the electronic sub genres to cause MTV to publicly embrace the potential of electronic dance music styles (collectively dubbed “Electronica”), and spilling into a multitude of automobile commercials and pop music in general. Below is a rolling list of Breakbeat Hardcore, Jungle, and Drum & Bass songs built on the Amen Break.


  1. All Hell Iz Breakin’ Loose by Baritone Tiplove
  2. Taken to Heart by K.C.F. Productions and Skeleton
  3. Paranoize by Break the Limits
  4. Demon’s Theme by LTJ Bukem
  5. We Are i.e. by Lennie De Ice
  6. Right Before by 1st Prodject
  7. Hallelujah, the Fifth Is Here (It’s a Demo) by Fifth Platoon
  8. Paranoize by Break the Limits
  9. Taken to Heart by K.C.F. Productions and Skeleton
  10. The Horn Track by Egyptian Empire
  11. Sunshine by Nicki Richards
  12. In Effect (The Remix) by DJ Red Alert & Mike Slammer
  13. All Hell Iz Breakin’ Loose by Baritone Tiplove
  14. Comin’ on Strong by Rebel MC
  15. Rich Ah Getting Richer (B. Line Ruff Neck Mix) by Rebel MC
  16. Stupid Dope Mix (Pt.1) by Manix


  1. Return of the Donut by Cloud 9
  2. Re-Indulge by Altern 8
  3. Informer by Snow
  4. Gonna Be Alright by Cloud 9
  5. La Formule Secrète II: Le Retour! by Assassin
  6. X-Treme Theme by 2-X-Treme
  7. Can’t Take the Heartbreak by Project One
  8. Come On by DJ Seduction
  9. El-Bland-E by The Men From Del Bosca
  10. Je Viens De Vitry by Timide Et Sans Complexe
  11. Coming Right Outta Brooklyn by Rhamel
  12. S.L.Ectro by SL2
  13. Let Me Be Your Fantasy by Baby D
  14. You Are the One by DJ Red Alert & Mike Slammer
  15. Drop XTC by DJ Crystl
  16. The Godz… by Brand Nubian
  17. What Is a Ragga Twin by Killersound
  18. Bishbosh by Yolk
  19. Silly Games by Noise Overload
  20. X-Treme Theme by 2-X-Treme
  21. London to Essex in 3 Hours by Mega City 2
  22. Physics by Tom and Jerry
  23. Here Comes the Drumz by Nasty Habits
  24. Quarter to Doom by Bay B Kane
  25. Jahovia by Rebel MC
  26. Re-Indulge by Altern 8
  27. It’s Started Again by Naz AKA Naz
  28. Bring It On by Maestro Fresh Wes
  29. Fake Lobsters by Justice (Tony) and Mercy
  30. Can’t Take the Heartbreak by Project One
  31. The Fire by Noise Factory
  32. Return of the Donut by Cloud 9
  33. Come On by DJ Seduction
  34. The Fire by Noise Factory
  35. Bishbosh by Yolk
  36. Can’t Take the Heartbreak by Project One
  37. Silly Games by Noise Overload


  1. Shining in Da Darkness by Nookie
  2. NASA by Pugwash ft. Formula 7
  3. Let’s Go by Jimmy J & Cru-L-T (1993)
  4. Unfriendly by Wax Doctor and Jack Smooth
  5. Stung by Out of Order (1993)
  6. Finest Illusion by Foul Play
  7. Open Your Mind by Foul Play
  8. Untitled (Vol 1a) by Naughty Naughty
  9. Really Dark (But Not to Dark Mix) by DJ Seduction
  10. Untitled (2B) by Ravers Choice
  11. Beyond Bass by Desired State
  12. They Shoulda Killed Me by Brokin English Klik
  13. Untitled (Vol 4a) by Naughty Naughty
  14. Hellraiser by Will Irvine
  15. Gangster by Peshay
  16. Catch It by Peshay
  17. Warpdrive by DJ Crystl
  18. Giant Steps by Bay B Kane
  19. Motherf***in’ Breakbeat by Hardliners
  20. Warped Science by Beyond the Future
  21. Be There by Omni Trio
  22. Papillon Love Song by Tom and Jerry
  23. I Want Your Body by Ravers Choice
  24. Grasshopper by Secret Squirrel
  25. Dope on Plastic by D.O.P.E.
  26. Untitled (2B) by Ravers Choice
  27. Open Your Mind by Foul Play
  28. The Slammer by Krome & Time
  29. 6 Million Ways to Die – Choose One by Uncle 22 and Navigator
  30. Free Your Soul by DJ Dubplate
  31. I Feel So High by Hellrazor
  32. Warning by Metronome
  33. Ladies Choice by Noise Factory
  34. Really Dark (But Not to Dark Mix) by DJ Seduction
  35. Right Guard by Out of Order
  36. Untitled (Vol 3a) by Naughty Naughty
  37. Hellraiser by Will Irvine
  38. Ganja Man by DJ Red Alert & Mike Slammer
  39. Come Inside by Noise Factory
  40. Beyond Bass by Desired State
  41. Let’s Go by Jimmy J & Cru-L-T
  42. They Shoulda Killed Me by Brokin English Klik
  43. Drowning in Her by 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse
  44. Giant Steps by Bay B Kane
  45. Atlantis (I Need You)(LTJ Bukem Remix) by Apollo Two
  46. Catch It by Peshay
  47. Grasshopper by Secret Squirrel
  48. Come Inside by Noise Factory
  49. In Complete Darkness by The Fat Controller
  50. Untitled (Vol 3b) by Naughty Naughty
  51. Warped Science by Beyond the Future
  52. Ladies Choice by Noise Factory
  53. Untitled (2B) by Ravers Choice
  54. I Want Your Body by Ravers Choice
  55. Right Guard by Out of Order
  56. Motherf***in’ Breakbeat by Hardliners
  57. Dope on Plastic by D.O.P.E.
  58. Golden Hen by Subnation
  59. Giant Steps by Bay B Kane
  60. The Slammer by Krome & Time


  1. So in Love by DJ Seduction
  2. Wonderfull Days by Charly Lownoise and Mental Theo
  3. Let’s Do It by DJ Red Alert & Mike Slammer
  4. Johnny ’94 (Origin Unknown Remix) by Johnny Jungle
  5. Ruffneck Scouts by Krome & Time
  6. Kuf by Lennie De Ice and Deep Cover
  7. Music Is the Key (Omni Trio Remix) by Foul Play ft. Denise Gordon
  8. Sound Murderer by Remarc
  9. Under Mi Sensi (Jungle Spliff) (X Project Remix) by Barrington Levy and Beenie Man
  10. Wheel ‘N’ Deal by DJ Gunshot
  11. The License by Krome & Time
  12. The Bell Tune by The Invisible Man
  13. Soul Promenade by Omni Trio
  14. Stamina by The Dream Team
  15. Cold Fresh Air by Higher Sense
  16. Let’s Do It by DJ Red Alert & Mike Slammer
  17. Digable Bass by DJ Rap
  18. Loving (Part 1) by Brainkillers
  19. Something I Feel by Renegade ft. Ray Keith
  20. Poison by The Prodigy
  21. The Love Statement by Rhythm for Reasons
  22. Only the Strong by Bizzy B and Pugwash
  23. Wicked & Bad by Harmony & Xtreme
  24. Must Feel by Cool Hand Flex
  25. Stay Here by Naughty Naughty
  26. Oh-Zone Layer by Dark Side of the Shroom
  27. Wonderfull Days by Charly Lownoise and Mental Theo
  28. Dub Fe Dub by DJ D Lux
  29. So in Love by DJ Seduction
  30. Baby Baby by DJ Pooch and Hursee
  31. Terrorist by Renegade ft. Ray Keith
  32. Super Hero (My Knight) by The House Crew ft. S.E.S.
  33. No Surrender by Jungle Warrior
  34. Most Uplifting (Fresh Slices Mix) by DJ Ham
  35. Shuffle by M-Beat
  36. Kuf by Lennie De Ice and Deep Cover
  37. The Love Statement by Rhythm for Reasons
  38. The Bell Tune by The Invisible Man
  39. Oh-Zone Layer by Dark Side of the Shroom
  40. Murder Them by The Underworld
  41. Untitled (Vol 6a) by Naughty Naughty
  42. So in Love by DJ Seduction
  43. Jus a Test by Naughty Naughty
  44. Hearing Is Believing by MA2
  45. Wonderfull Days by Charly Lownoise and Mental Theo
  46. Achtung! (Speedcity Remix) by T.O.P.D.R.O.P.
  47. Shuffle by M-Beat
  48. Burn Baby Burn by Sensi-tize
  49. Cold Fresh Air by Higher Sense
  50. No Surrender by Jungle Warrior
  51. Kuf by Lennie De Ice and Deep Cover
  52. Ganja Man by Krome & Time
  53. Heavy Vibes by The Sentinel
  54. Must Feel by Cool Hand Flex
  55. Take Me Away by Jimmy J & Cru-L-T
  56. 2 Pumpin’ by 2 Croozin’
  57. Poison by The Prodigy
  58. Loving (Part 1) by Brainkillers
  59. Let’s Do It by DJ Red Alert & Mike Slammer
  60. Love Me Now by DJ Pooch and Coulter
  61. Wheel ‘N’ Deal by DJ Gunshot
  62. Good Good Sensi by Bay B Kane
  63. Dub Fe Dub by DJ D Lux
  64. 2 Pumpin’ by 2 Croozin’
  65. Truly One by After Dark
  66. Oh-Zone Layer by Dark Side of the Shroom


  1. 6 Million Ways by Dope Skillz
  2. White (Side A) by DJ SS
  3. Stars by Source Direct
  4. Six Days by Jimmy J & Cru-L-T
  5. Borderline Mobster by Bounty Killer and Beenie Man
  6. DJ’s in Full Effect by Jimmy J & Cru-L-T
  7. The Seed by Kemet Crew
  8. Goes Around by Desired State
  9. House Is Mine by DJ Poppy
  10. Sound Boy by Kid J
  11. Bad Man Tune by Chatter B
  12. This Christmas by Charly Lownoise and Mental Theo
  13. I Need Your Loving by Baby D
  14. I Want to Be Forever by Jimmy J & Cru-L-T
  15. Approach & Identify by Source Direct
  16. Pump Up Tha Bass by Buzz Fuzz
  17. Ride Like the Wind by Billy “Daniel” Bunter and D-Zyne
  18. Thinking About U by DJ Ham and DJ Poosie
  19. Snow by Cloud 9
  20. The Box Re-Opens by Kemet Crew
  21. Big Up Your Chest by The Underworld ft. Dawna Lee and Skallamooch
  22. Hotter Junglematical Style (Drum’n'bass) by Redrose
  23. Somebody Scream by The Director
  24. Bad Man Tune by Chatter B
  25. Make Love 2 Me (Mix 2) by Lewi and Chopper ft. Jill Francis
  26. Have You Ever Been Mellow? by Party Animals
  27. Jungle Tempo by Redrose
  28. Mr. Fix It by Prisoner
  29. The Angels Fell by Dillinja
  30. Comin’ on Strong by Cold Mission
  31. DJ’s in Full Effect by Jimmy J & Cru-L-T
  32. Approach & Identify by Source Direct
  33. Six Days by Jimmy J & Cru-L-T
  34. Baby Your by Dillinja
  35. Killa Sound (Krome & Time Remix) by Johnny Jungle
  36. Shake It (Stunned Guys Mix) by DJ Groovy
  37. The Seed by Kemet Crew
  38. Thinking About U by DJ Ham and DJ Poosie
  39. How It Started by DJ Pooch
  40. Oh Gosh by Heavyweight
  41. Manhattan Melody by Lemon D
  42. Phiesope by μ-Ziq
  43. The Step by Wax Doctor
  44. Stars by Charly Lownoise and Mental Theo
  45. Sing Time by The Terrorist
  46. Everyman (DJ Monk Remix) by D.R.S. ft. Kenny Ken, Lee Royal Levi and Stevie Hyper D.
  47. Ganja Plant (Drum & Bass Mix) by Dread & the Bald Head
  48. Yes Yes ’95 by Babylon 5
  49. Alright by Mask
  50. Bad Man Tune by Chatter B
  51. Clubbed to Death (Peshay Remix) by Rob Dougan
  52. Untitled (Side A) by Out Law Juice
  53. The Box Re-Opens by Kemet Crew
  54. Last Night by Life
  55. Oh My Gosh! by Gang Related & Mask ft. Dynamite MC
  56. Shake It (Stunned Guys Mix) by DJ Groovy
  57. Soul Pill by Kemet Crew
  58. So This Is Love by Essence of Aura
  59. Music’s Got Me by DJ Red Alert & Mike Slammer
  60. Gangsta Kid by Shy FX
  61. Make Love 2 Me (Mix 2) by Lewi and Chopper ft. Jill Francis
  62. Piano Tune by Peshay
  63. Nasty by Shy FX
  64. Dubplate by Shy FX
  65. Feelings by Re-Charge
  66. Mr. Fix It by Prisoner
  67. Freedom by Buzz Fuzz
  68. Who Run ‘Tings by Shy FX ft. David Boomah
  69. Notch by Chatter B
  70. We Nuh Ease Up by Shy FX ft. MC Det
  71. Loose (Photek Remix) by Therapy?
  72. Bomber by Aphrodite
  73. Your Sound by J Majik
  74. Snow by Cloud 9
  75. Sometimes by Rebel Alliance
  76. Big Up Your Chest by The Underworld ft. Dawna Lee and Skallamooch
  77. The Box Re-Opens by Kemet Crew
  78. Bad Man Tune by Chatter B
  79. Freedom by Buzz Fuzz
  80. Feelings by Re-Charge
  81. Phiesope by μ-Ziq
  82. Babylon (Loop! Remix) by Prince Ital Joe ft. Marky Mark
  83. Here & Now by Desired State
  84. Comin’ on Strong by Cold Mission
  85. World of Music by Dred Bass ft. JB
  86. I Wanna Be a Hippy (Flamman & Abraxis Mix) by Technohead
  87. Oh Gosh by Heavyweight
  88. Notch by Chatter B
  89. Master Peace by DJ Ham and DJ Poosie
  90. Soul Pill by Kemet Crew
  91. Shout Now by The Timespan and Krazy Fresh 2
  92. Simple ‘Tings by Shy FX
  93. Pump Up Tha Bass by Buzz Fuzz
  94. Ecstatic by Intense
  95. Life Is Like a Dance by DJ Paul Elstak
  96. Jungle Tempo by Redrose
  97. This Style by Shy FX
  98. Resque by DJ Gizmo
  99. Good to Go by Flamman and Abraxas ft. MC Remsy
  100. Arabian Nights by J Majik


  1. Blastin’ the System by Promo (DJ)
  2. Died in Your Arms Tonight by Go Mental
  3. Tha Men Who Fell to Earth by Leon Mar
  4. Secret Liaison by Source Direct
  5. The Crane by Source Direct
  6. The Chopper by The Terrorist
  7. New Style by L Double and Younghead
  8. Mechanics by Dom & Roland
  9. Take Me to Heaven (Rollin’ Rhythms Remix) by Baby D
  10. Prototyped by Nasty Habits
  11. Aquarius by Party Animals
  12. Tokyo Dawn by Doc Scott
  13. Airtight by Funky Technicians
  14. Girl/Boy Song by Aphex Twin
  15. This Is Los Angeles by Lemon D
  16. Sing by Nakatomi
  17. In Da Hood by Remarc
  18. Incredible Bass (Slipmatt-Awaited Remix) by Oaysis
  19. Children of the Night by Nakatomi
  20. Hava Naquila by Party Animals
  21. Secret Liaison by Source Direct
  22. Tha Men Who Fell to Earth by Leon Mar
  23. Blastin’ the System by Promo (DJ)
  24. Sing It Louder by Promo (DJ) and Da Vinci
  25. Black Rose by Hokusai
  26. Bring the Noise by E-Rick & Tactic
  27. Rock This by The Omen
  28. Nostalgia by Paradox
  29. Somebody Scream by Raver’s Nature
  30. Tranquility by Steve C and Tracker D
  31. Generations by Intensity
  32. Ruffneck (Sound of the Drum & the Bass) by Wedlock (Hardcore)
  33. Prototyped by Nasty Habits
  34. Mechanics by Dom & Roland
  35. In Da Hood by Remarc
  36. Back to Life (Exclusive Mix) by JB (D’n'B Producer)
  37. Rip S*** Up (DJ Isaac Remix) by DJ Mongoose
  38. Nautilus by Shogun (Drum & Bass)
  39. The Chopper by The Terrorist
  40. Incredible Bass (Slipmatt-Awaited Remix) by Oaysis
  41. Tundra by Squarepusher
  42. Hard Disk by M.T.S.
  43. Can’t Knock the Hustle (Desired State Remix) by Jay-Z ft. Mary J. Blige
  44. The Execution by Lady Dana and DJ Skorp ft. Bass-D & King Matthew
  45. Nasty by DJ Die
  46. DJ by DJ Krust
  47. Come on Baby by Dead Dred
  48. Party by Charly Lownoise and Mental Theo
  49. Take Me to Heaven (Rollin’ Rhythms Remix) by Baby D
  50. Cheesy (Amen Mix) by Plug
  51. Military Jazz by Plug
  52. Satan (Industry Standard Edit) by Orbital
  53. Feelings by Plug
  54. Smedleys Melody by Squarepusher
  55. Pure Release by Slipmatt and Dave “3D” Ward
  56. Son of a Gun by KMFDM
  57. A Subtle Blend by Plug


  1. Jade by Hokusai
  2. Get Up, Stand Up by Mini Animals
  3. Battle of the Planets by Fader Gladiator
  4. We Like to Party by Party Animals
  5. Succers by DJ the Stallion
  6. Creatures by Amon Tobin
  7. One Small Step by Amon Tobin
  8. Come on My Selector by Squarepusher
  9. Red by Mental Power
  10. Bioelektrovízia ’97 by Hex (1997)
  11. Toybox With Moonshine by Nobukazu Takemura (1997)
  12. Freestylelifes*** by DJ Cam (1997)
  13. Ruff Muff by 2 Damn Tuff (1997)
  14. King of the Streets by Alec Empire (1997)
  15. Vic Acid by Squarepusher (1997)
  16. Mindfields by The Prodigy (1997)
  17. My Way by Party Animals (1997)
  18. Easy Muffin by Amon Tobin (1997)
  19. Atomic by Party Animals (1997)
  20. Headbanger by Hellfish (1997)
  21. The Silence by Future Engineers (1997)
  22. The Next Thang by Profound (1997)
  23. Escape That by 4 Hero (1997)
  24. Little Wonder by David Bowie (1997)
  25. Monkey by Cornelius (1997)
  26. I Need Love by Jeroen Flamman and Abraxas ft. MC Lynx (1997)
  27. Vinyl Overdose by DJ Format (1997)
  28. Just Can’t Get Enough by Charly Lownoise and Mental Theo (1997)
  29. Champion Natty by Tribe of Issachar ft. Top Cat (1997)
  30. Missing by Sugizo (1997)
  31. A Certain Sound by Paradox (1997)
  32. Deep Sleep by Paradox (1997)
  33. Rustic Raver by Squarepusher (1997)
  34. Magic by The Ganja Kru (1997)
  35. Fade to Grey by Jars of Clay (1997)
  36. The Barn (303 Kebab Mix) by Squarepusher (1997)
  37. No Remorse (I Wanna Die) by Atari Teenage Riot and Slayer (1997)
  38. Gimme Sheldon by Bran Van 3000 (1997)
  39. Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Dub by Apollo 440 (1997)
  40. On the Down Low by Freaky Flow and PJ (1997)


  1. Transmissions by Dom & Roland
  2. Dreader Than Dread by Soundmurderer and SK-1
  3. Concealed Identity by Source Direct
  4. Microwaved by Pitchshifter
  5. Still Waters (Remix) by Basic Influence
  6. Talk Around Town by 4 Hero
  7. A Timeless Existence by Noise (Dave Simms) and Paradox
  8. Atmosphere (Remix) by 1.8.7.
  9. Breaker Beats Part 1 by Freestylers
  10. Sabotage by 1.8.7.
  11. Life in Mono by Mono
  12. Breaker Beats Part 2 by Freestylers
  13. Zen by Ice Minus
  14. White Borderline by Charly Lownoise and Mental Theo
  15. Secrets by John B
  16. Ultrasonic Sound by Hive
  17. Lazy Days (Mark Pistel Remix) by Ted Poley and Tony Harnell
  18. πr² by Clint Mansell
  19. Nightlife by Amon Tobin
  20. Cold Steel Pressure by Acetate ft. MC Feva
  21. Romulus 3 by Rom Di Prisco
  22. Car Crash by Seba
  23. Samuel Hall by Alain Bashung
  24. Earth vs. Me by The Clifford Gilberto Rhythm Combination
  25. Lovely by Wagon Christ
  26. Jãbarsã by Secret Chiefs 3
  27. Chico (Death of a Rock Star) by Goldie
  28. Jãbalqã by Secret Chiefs 3
  29. I Was Young and Needed the Money! by The Clifford Gilberto Rhythm Combination
  30. We Like to Party! (Full Schwingg Mix) by Vengaboys
  31. Next 2 Me by Charly Lownoise and Mental Theo


  1. Tudor Rose by Capone
  2. John Gotti’s Revenge by Vinylgroover and Trixxy
  3. Mechanism Eight by Andrew “Necros” Sega
  4. The Ladder by Rantoul
  5. Charlie Big Potato by Skunk Anansie
  6. Fashion Styley by Bomfunk MC’s ft. Mr. B
  7. Pulse by The Mad Capsule Markets
  8. Girls Lips Glitter by Bows
  9. Routine Exercise by Hrvatski
  10. Carpet Muncher by μ-Ziq
  11. Futurama Theme by Christopher Tyng
  12. Eyeless by Slipknot
  13. The Motorbike Track by μ-Ziq
  14. Whole Lotta Love by Perry Farrell
  15. Ga Ga by Melanie C
  16. Three Wheels Turning by Alexander “Siren” Brandon
  17. The Negotiation Limerick File (Ganja Kru Remix) by Beastie Boys
  18. Midi Surf by The Mad Capsule Markets
  19. BotPack #9 by Michiel “M.C.A.” Van Den Bos
  20. Go Down by Alexander “Siren” Brandon
  21. Lock by Alexander “Siren” Brandon
  22. Organic by Alexander “Siren” Brandon
  23. Run by Michiel “M.C.A.” Van Den Bos
  24. Burst Your Arm by μ-Ziq
  25. Apostle by Hrvatski
  26. Enterprise by Makoto
  27. Fusion by Capone


  1. Rave About Me by Hidenobu Otsuki, Ryo Fukuda, Takeo Suzuki and Yos***aka Hirota ft. Kazumi Mitome
  2. Come on Board by Kid Spatula
  3. I Will Make U Cry by Nelly Furtado
  4. Dark Corner B-Boy Medley by Dj Skizo
  5. Ain’t Got Nuthin’ by Supreme Beings of Leisure
  6. The Most Sadistic by Ventriloquist Snakes
  7. Sinister (Bad Boy Part 1) by Ray Keith
  8. Hard Love by Kid Spatula


  1. Magical Girl (Mitaka-Nard-Mix) by Guitar Vader
  2. My Red Hot Car (Girl) by Squarepusher
  3. The Voice by Bad Company (D’n'B)
  4. Go! Spastic by Squarepusher
  5. Good Jungle by Venetian Snares
  6. (A Treatise on the Practical Methods Whereby One Can) Worship the Lords by Lords of Acid
  7. Crazy VIP by A-Sides ft. MC Fats
  8. Ataride by Wagon Christ
  9. Mr. Wilson (Plus-Tech Squeeze Box Remix) by Optiganally Yours
  10. Silk Ties by Rude Ass Tinker
  11. Don’t Believe It by Alpha Omega
  12. Skektics by DJ Hidden


  1. 47 Kuts by Breakage
  2. I & I Survive (Shiner Massive Mix) by Bad Brains
  3. Bad Situation by Toshio Masuda
  4. Super Psyche by The Constructus Corporation
  5. Life Is Short (C’Mon C’Mon) by Party Animals
  6. Sell Out by FFF (2)
  7. Sweet Soul Brother (B.B. Rights Mix) by Hideki Naganuma


  1. Hull Drum and Bass by Ceephax Acid Crew
  2. Call Da Police by Soundmurderer and SK-1
  3. Menace by Remarc
  4. Going the Distance (Amen Remix) by DJ Junk
  5. Shinjuku by Alaska and Paradox
  6. Switchback by Celldweller
  7. Mangle 11 (Circuit Bent V.I.P Mix) by AFX
  8. Amental by Amen Andrews
  9. Langside by Venetian Snares
  10. Rock by Amen Andrews
  11. Junglebunny by Amen Andrews
  12. 100001 Style by Amen Andrews
  13. Thameslick by Amen Andrews
  14. Fear by Amen Andrews
  15. Trolley Service by Ceephax Acid Crew
  16. Xanadu by Party Animals
  17. Starbase One by Amen Andrews
  18. Babylon by Amen Andrews
  19. Amen Renegade by Amen Andrews
  20. Fast and Bulbous by Amen Andrews
  21. DX by Amen Andrews
  22. Mad Invaderz by Killingscum
  23. Generation of Love by Rocco
  24. London by Amen Andrews
  25. Blomen by Amen Andrews
  26. Hand Throw by Venetian Snares
  27. Guilty by Amen Andrews
  28. Bizzy Time by Zero Tolerance and Beta 2
  29. Remember This by Amen Andrews
  30. There for You (D. Kay Remix) by Artificial Intelligence
  31. Meinheld by μ-Ziq
  32. Soulshine by DJ Craze and Juju
  33. Nightwalker by Seba
  34. So Vain by Breakage


  1. Mr. Majestic by Calibre and High Contrast
  2. Curse of Coincidence by Paradox
  3. Ghetto Messiah by Influx UK
  4. All I Wanna Do by Scooter
  5. Straight Up Menace by Loxy and DJ Ink
  6. Colemanism by Fracture & Neptune
  7. Theme Song Six by Leisure-B
  8. Unreal by Concord Dawn and Ill.Skillz
  9. Tundra 4 by Squarepusher
  10. Amen Babylon by S***mat
  11. Frozen Game by Takayuki Nakamura
  12. Clones by Ice Minus
  13. Can I Get an Amen? by Nate Harrison
  14. Eli (Zabiela’s Rave Lizard Remix) by Ficta
  15. Bandsaw by Drumsound & Bassline Smith
  16. Sleng Teng by Skoobz
  17. Slammin’ Ragga Bootleg Track by Kid606


  1. Bust Pure Shot by Krinjah
  2. Bomber Barbara by Hideki Naganuma
  3. Hajnal by Venetian Snares
  4. Digital Circuit by Jun Senoue
  5. Bring the Noise by Future Prophecies
  6. Szerencsétlen by Venetian Snares
  7. Flyover by Asian Dub Foundation
  8. Inna Dem Clothes by Soulproof
  9. The Devil’s Chimney by Tim Exile
  10. Hell Hath No Fury by Klute
  11. My Gal by Krinjah
  12. Montpellier by A-Sides and DJ Marky
  13. Wat Staar Je by The Opposites
  14. Szamár Madár by Venetian Snares
  15. Worker Man by Krinjah
  16. 4Me by Breakage
  17. Big Bad & Heavy by Krinjah
  18. Silicon Chop by Exile (Drum & Bass) ft. Sub Focus


  1. Jiyūdo. by Karia Nomoto ft. Asia Engineer
  2. Noan Ame 17 by Amen Orchestra
  3. 16th Wave by Amen Orchestra
  4. Notane by Amen Orchestra
  5. Murder by Amen Andrews and Spac Hand Luke
  6. Junglism by Amen Andrews and Spac Hand Luke
  7. Intelligent by Amen Andrews
  8. Anthem 4 Pipe Dreams by Skankfunk
  9. Aequeosalinocalcalinoceraceoa Luminosocupreovitriolic by S***mat
  10. Barrave by Amen Andrews and Spac Hand Luke
  11. Antarctica by Equinox
  12. Screwface (Marked for Death) by Amen Andrews and Spac Hand Luke
  13. Ancestral by Alaska
  14. Forever by Seba
  15. 2099 Dub by Bizzy B
  16. The Prophet by The Upfull Rockers
  17. Here It Comes by Plug
  18. Planetarium by Squarepusher
  19. Post-Finger-Disorder Disorder by Tim Exile
  20. Roads Up Over by Wisp
  21. Gangsta by Plug
  22. Wave Ocean ~The Water’s Edge~ by Mariko Nanba & Tomoya Ohtani
  23. Wave Ocean ~The Inlet~ by Mariko Nanba & Tomoya Ohtani
  24. Hologram by Paradox
  25. Maq 7.1419 by Amen Orchestra


  1. Chain (Rockin’ 8 Glider Mix) by Back-On
  2. Chain (Follow Up 30 Mix) by Back-On
  3. Streets on Fire by Lupe Fiasco ft. Matthew Santos
  4. Boss – Deep Core by Tomoya Ohtani
  5. Black Bird by Makoto
  6. Alliance Amen by Atlantic Connection
  7. True Story Pt. 2 by Phat Kat
  8. Draw on Me by Mutt
  9. Chain (Acoustic Cowboy Mix) by Back-On
  10. Time to Fly by Mist:i:cal
  11. Tot Zo by Sticks and Delic ft. Rico
  12. Time Tunnel by Ceephax Acid Crew
  13. Dia De Sol (Drumagick Remix) by XRS and Gilberto Gil
  14. Red Sky by John B ft. Shaz Sparks
  15. Free Your Mind by Makoto
  16. Chain (Magnificentral Mix) by Back-On
  17. Where It’s At by Vice Versa
  18. Gunna Hit Ya by Druid & Stormtrooper
  19. Eden by Future Engineers


  1. The Ice Dance by Bachelors of Science
  2. Dub Specialist by Synkro
  3. GAYCORE by mrSimon
  4. Eurocore MVP by Venetian Snares
  5. Higher Ground by Young Ax
  6. I Can’t Sleep by Double O
  7. Pandemic by Blackmass Plastics
  8. Secrets & Lies by Nebula
  9. Aurora Flash by Theory
  10. Unbroken Circle by ISOpussy
  11. Era’s by Mutt
  12. Qui·E·tus by Soultec
  13. Rumours by Mutt
  14. Let It Shine by Redeyes
  15. Gentleman by Venetian Snares
  16. Take Me On by Sickboy


  1. Make You Flex by Equinox
  2. Melting Nails by Igorr
  3. Paradox by Balzac (2009)
  4. Endless Possibility by Jaret Reddick
  5. Cool Edge – Day by Tomoya Ohtani
  6. Angels by Synkro
  7. Jah Victory by D-Fect
  8. Snow by Seba
  9. Illegal Dustbin by Squarepusher
  10. Terminal by Renard
  11. Say Goodnight by Krinjah
  12. 34 Alpha by Seba
  13. On and on (Alternate Mix) by Godfather Don ft. Jazz
  14. Amok by Fanu
  15. Love Is Delicious by NegaRen
  16. In for the Kill (Skream’s Let’s Get Ravey Remix) by La Roux
  17. Rid Da Enemie (Gunshot Mix) by Warped Dynamics
  18. Singularity by Phuture-T
  19. Silverboxer by Renard ft. FIAB
  20. Intensive Care Unit by Renard
  21. Last Jungle by Sub Focus
  22. Rocksteady by Nucleus and Paradox
  23. Deep Throat by Wickaman and RV
  24. Destiny by Nebula
  25. Gai Runs at 300km/h by Renard ft. Adraen
  26. Lord of the Amens by Warped Dynamics
  27. Sweet Wonderful by Eveson
  28. Sunnyville by Adraen


  1. 4 My Soldiers by I:Gor
  2. Paralyze Babylon by Equinox
  3. 7C 1020 by Macc and dgoHn
  4. Mamy Królów Na Banknotach by Abradab
  5. Posers and Camera Phones by Venetian Snares
  6. TU4AR by Renard
  7. Who Wants Cake? by Venetian Snares
  8. Wray by Dub One
  9. Frisky (Album Version) by Tinie Tempah
  10. Good Looking Gal by The Wildlife Collective
  11. Living Legends by Aquasky and The Ragga Twins
  12. The Epic Last Song by Skream
  13. Skyward Bound by Utah Jazz
  14. Creep by DJ Deckstream
  15. Soundboy by Hamilton
  16. Battle! Kanto Champion by Junichi Masuda
  17. Rude Boy by Cut & Run
  18. Vs. Orcan & Skullian by Tomoya Ohtani
  19. The Stupidest Track I’ve Ever Made by mrSimon
  20. Foundation by Breakage
  21. Let It Off by Ez Sniper
  22. Beverly Hills Cock by TCY Force


  1. Amen by Cut & Run
  2. Rainbow Dash Likes Girls (Stay Gay Pony Girl) by Renard
  3. Close by Drumsound & Bassline Smith
  4. Don’t Stop (Mustard Pimp Remix) by The Subs
  5. Fried Bread by Machine Code
  6. Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites (The Juggernaut Remix) by Skrillex
  7. Get Ready by DJ Scratchin’
  8. Witches Brew by Katy B
  9. The First Time Ever by Nu:Tone ft. Natalie Williams
  10. Time by Chase & Status
  11. Turn the Lights Off by S.P.Y.
  12. Who’s Ready for the Basement by Renard
  13. Got My Pony Spam for You by Renard
  14. Bubbles by Makoto
  15. Broken by Nu:Tone ft. Kyan
  16. Over You by Freestylers ft. Ami Carmine


  1. The One True Thing by Rise of the Automaton
  2. Ill Manors by Plan B

Nate Harrison’s Oral Documentary

In 2004, a video was produced (and narrated) by Nate Harrison attempting to explain the importance of, and history of, the Amen Break.

(This documentary) is a meditation on the ownership of culture, the nature of art and creativity, and the history of a remarkable music clip.

Once posted to youtube, the video became ubiquitous due to embedding it on social media, and as a result, has become short-hand for a historical account. His account is disputed by Breaks historians. Harrison did cite some history of The Winstons, and briefly touched on the Golden Age of Hip-Hop’s use of it, before expounding on the popularity of it after its became the cornerstone for Drum & Bass, citing 2000/2001 as its peak of popularity. Stunningly, Harrison made little mention of Amen’s legacy as a Hip-Hop DJ break in the 1970s, and made no mention of its inclusion on 1986′s Ultimate Break and Beats, which is universally accepted as the how and why the break found popularity in contemporary culture.

The concept of meditating on copyright law in the age of sampling has been validated by many outlets during the sampling debate that has lasted nearly 30 years. Public Enemy’s 1988 song “Caught, Can I Get a Witness” and Stetsasonic’s “Taking All that Jazz” both meditate on the intents, merits, and legality of sampling during the height of UBB’s popularity. Public Enemy addressed the law specifically, as samples of drum sounds are nearly impossible to police, and rarely, if ever, brought under legal light (“Y’all can’t copyright no beat…”). Public Enemy expounded further on this by explaining that when a producer discoveres a loop to sample, it’s as much the drummer he’s choosing as it is the engineering and production of the record itself.

A guitar sampled off a record is going to hit differently than a guitar sampled in the studio. The guitar that’s sampled off a record is going to have all the compression that they put on the recording, the equalization. It’s going to hit the tape harder. It’s going to slap at you. Something that’s organic is almost going to have a powder effect. It hits more like a pillow than a piece of wood. So those things change your mood, the feeling you can get off of a record. If you notice that by the early 1990s, the sound has gotten a lot softer. — Hank Shocklee, member of the Bomb Squad production team for Public Enemy

The legality, merits, and outcomes of sampling, including a portion highlighting what it means to Clyde Stubblefield (James Brown’s drummer, who has more beats sampled than any other drummer), are investigated in-depth within the PBS docuemtary “Copyright Criminals”.


Compiled and written by PappaWheelie, with the sample list being extracted from and

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About PappaWheelie

Joe González aka PappaWheelie began as a Miami Bass producer in 1989 and is currently working on the book: "Miami Bass History: How the Mafia, Cocaine, and Ecstasy Failed a Musical Genre". In 1992, he and partner Brett "B-Naste" Hammock wrote and recorded the first version of "Who Let the Dogs Out?" with Attitude Records engineer Mamado, gaining exposure in Miami thanks to the radio station Power 96. He went on hiatus as a producer In 1993. In December of 2000, PappaWheelie founded the Miami Bass History discussion group and archival project, which became central to the Miami Bass scene in August of 2001. This was followed by his creation of a second group, the now defunct ElectroDiscoPunks in 2002. PappaWheelie then moved to NYC in 2003, where he became a resident DJ in Williamsburg, Brooklyn with the AllDisco crew, as well as becoming a researcher and base story write for VH1. Within his time at VH1, PappaWheelie became the episode developer for the music history show "Driven", spearheading dozens of episodes, including shows on Green Day and OutKast. In 2012, PappaWheelie formed a team to convert the MBH archival project into the multimedia group it is today. Along with Jerry Pullés of and Tim Duffy, PappaWheelie founded the Miami Bass Radio Network, which he remains an active member of.


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